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Welcome to my Page

What started this page?

Welcome to my page. I am not a professional writer or even a blogger but back in my younger days, I know in my heart I have the passion to write, there were times these words were playing inside my thoughts and just wanted to be expressed out. For by means of writing, I can be able to express out what I feel even though I know no one is reading or does not even care. I had dream of sharing these thoughts by social blog platform, but eventually I got busy being a mother and working as well.


Just a bit introduction about myself. I am a mother of 3, two boys and a princess. I have been working for an engineering and environment consultancy here in Lloydminster, Canada for almost 8 years now. But before that, I have done survival job like working in a retail store and in a food service industry. I am a professional engineer in the Philippines. So in between working and being a mom, that is how my life had been these past few years.  It was not an easy ride living here in Canada. There had been a lot of downs but of course I am very grateful for all the blessings.


It all started on self searching, I woke up one day being jobless, frustrated, depressed, and anxious of what will I be doing to make my day worthwhile. I am asking what’s my life’s purpose, what is my mission, almost everyday. Like being in a crossroads, that I do not know which directions to take. I secluded myself and so I turned to social media again. I am a social media enthusiast since day one, from FB to Instagram and they have been my outlet for my self expression, I sought for an answer, I sought for an inspiration on these platforms.  And since now a days, all we can find in social media is about online business and vlogging. So, I tried to put up an ecommerce store or a business page. The idea is to make it a source of income since I do not have job. And then tried to make it as a store and a blog. I devoted my time watching how to make money while on social media, studying courses about drop shipping and even enrolled all the affiliate network that I could think of. I posted affiliate links almost everyday and even did raffle contest. But it just gave me the impression that people were making fun of me. And no matter how tried my best, it just left me empty.

But I just kept on writing my thought, from my daily activities and took pictures just to give me a random inspiration for anything to write about. I just kept doing these for at the back of my mind, I have to do these to help me ease my depression. A personal battle that I kept for myself for a long time, the main reason why I am feeling empty and struggling all these years. But I prayed and I simply prayed to God to use me of whatever purpose He had planned for me. And probably that could start from there and thanking Him for the gift of passion of the writer in me, in expressing my thought and the passion that would eventually inspire through this platform. And here I am, taking you through my pages….  Einon’s page, my personal blog,  a journal of life, struggles, coping up, motivations and everyday curiosities  where I get to chronicle   stories, poetry, devotions  and inspirations . I hope you enjoy as you turn and read each page of this journey.

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