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Daily Devotions

Feeling lost, depressed, anxious or just simply looking for your life's purpose

I have been struggling with depression for a long time. And it has been my personal battle ever since, and it's a battle that only like me could somehow understand, and only someone like me could somehow fight on. Depression is no joke and my only prayer is for us to find ways to cope up with this struggle. And that's why on this page, I am sharing my outlet, that helped me maybe not to recover totally from now but somehow ease the emotional and mental burdens in my life. I am sharing you my Daily Devotions,  which offered me a chance to take a break from the busy world and connect with God . With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I found  these Bible verses, from the Holy Bible itself (you can even download an app), or on a book that I read or even on the things that I see everyday, wherein I was able to reflect on life , gave me motivations, inspirations and even a short prayer that may lead my spiritual life forward. I am just starting on this journey,  but I do hope it could somehow inspire you too.


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23 March 2021



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