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#12 Years in Canada

December 25 had been extra special to my family, not only because it is Christmas but this was the day when me and my sons, migrated in Canada back in 2008. I still remember that experience. I was excited and scared at the same time. Excited because we are finally be together with my husband, after 9 months of being separated with him since he went ahead of us in March 2008. It made me scared because it was also my first time to travel abroad, and the idea that of how things will work for us in a foreign land. So since it was Christmas, the airport and the carrier PAL was not that busy, so our flight went on smoothly from Manila to Vancouver.

In Vancouver, we have to lined up through Immigration securities. Just a short interview of why's and what's, and that was the start of us being an official permanent residents of Canada. From Vancouver, we took another flight going to Edmonton. And from there, my husband was waiting for us. Oops, that's not our final destination though, since we still have to travel by car for 2.5 hours going to our place, Lloydminster.

Our Family Christmas Photo for 2020
Christmas 2020

And that started it all. And 12 years had passed since we had migrated. A lot had happened and had changed with my family. My two sons had obviously grown up, and we had our princess Meg, who had added so much joy and inspirations to this family. Although the journey was not a smooth sailing, we had our episodes of storms as a family, we are still grateful with this opportunity, living here in Canada.

And from my family to yours...have a wonderful, peaceful and safe Holiday Seasons.

Our First Family Photo in 2009
Nov 2009


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