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An Opportunity to Reset

It's day 6 of the new year 2021. And today will also be my last day at work. Although it's just temporary, it has been like this ever since I started with this company. And by now I should have been used to this

and c'mon I had expected this.

But why am I having mixed emotions. Sad because this will be a big setbacks financially with all the expected bills and payments coming out, life in Canada, is not what you think it is as they say! Well of course, I am happy for finally I will be focus on this new project of mine and write blog, which was my passion ever since. It will also be a time for myself, for I wanted to find my mission, either personally or career wise. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, its good pay and its benefits, but yes I am not anymore getting any younger, and I'm on the point of my life where I just want things to be consistent and to be stable. I am just tired of this scenario that during summer I am too busy but in winter times, no work at all, sigh! Maybe it's not bad idea to somehow think of a good life work balance, if there's really like one in real life. Crossing my fingers that I can achieve that before April strikes.

So for now, just to distant myself if ever Mr. D strikes back on me, here's my to do lists, few tips also for those people who will or had experience being jobless this time. Check these out:

  • Apply for employment insurance or check out Service Canada for any benefits applicable to your situation. (Benefits -

  • If this applies to you, group RRSP or company health insurance, continue your contributions if you can.

  • Look for part time jobs, if you are really the type of person who are not use of not working at all.

  • Pamper yourself. After all you deserve this. Get a massage, go to the spa. Have a new hairstyle or hair color.

  • Avoid shopping if you can but if you can't, think of a budget, since it will be tough on your pocket once your out of work.

  • Reconnect. Have time to visit a friend or call them if you haven't spoken to them for a long time.

  • Organize and Reorganize. This is the time to have a general cleaning in your house. Reorganize every closets and cabinets. Who knows you could find things that you can sell or still of great value.

  • Do some arts and crafts. You can make accessories like headbands, bows, crochets, cross-stitch. You can paint, you can draw or simply do coloring, FYI coloring is also a great stress buster habit of mine. And of course, you can learn sewing, which is also one of my top check list to do. You can check some pages about arts and crafts or join a group that could help you learn new skills. Check this site on Facebook (3) Creative Things | Facebook, (3) 5-Minute Crafts | Facebook

  • Indoor Plants. Well it could be hard this winter but you can check out some plants that can survive just being inside the house. Or join some groups who have a passion about plants and gardening. You can also check out some good varieties at Home Depot and Safeway.

  • Check your health. When was the last time you have an eye, teeth or general health condition check up?

  • Keep Fit. Do Morning walk or even exercise if you can. Maybe it is even the perfect time for yoga.

  • Aside from doing your daily household chores, like cooking, doing laundry, this is also your time go have quality time with your kids. Drive and pick them up in school, check out how are they doing, read books, walk in the park, sled with them, take them to their favorite place once in a while.

Well of course, these are just a few of what I wanted to do just to free myself from being worried and idle. And these are suggestions only. You can also make a check list of your own and I am sure being jobless does not mean you have to be useless. It could be tough financially but money is just temporary, and being unemployed doesn’t diminish your value. If door closes because better things awaits you. Just keep in mind that every sunset is an opportunity to reset. Things will get better as long as we keep our faith to our Lord Above.


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