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And Oh Yes, Spring is Here!

Spring is the time of the year when everything in nature changes. It promises a new life and a new hope. Could you imagine yourself living in a place like ours which is almost half of the year or so is nothing but cold. So for us, spring is literally breathing fresh air after that long, cold winter months.

Spring is the season of new beginnings, it’s a time of growth, everything around us seems to come to life again - flowers start to bloom, animals awaken, temperature is rising, snow is finally melting, you can actually see people walking, and ha is just so wonderful finally kids are enjoying playing outdoor.

Hurray, spring is finally here,

Birds you see flying here and there,

Chirping anywhere,

Feel the fresh breeze,

Surely no more freeze,

As flowers begin to grow,

Let's take it slow,

For here we go,

As we say goodbye to you,

Mr. Snow!!!!

It’s a new season, and on personal note, I am on renewing and reinventing myself, so I thought of spring cleaning my life. Simply put, it’s about resetting and reassessing my personal goals, be in career, finances, physical, mental and most of all my spiritual growth.

And so I thought on:

Career Check In.

I know there is still pandemic and recession in our economy, but I still need to ask myself if this job is still making me happy or does it lead me to something bigger or better or I am just too settled inside of my comfort zone.

Fitness on Guard.

I am on my heaviest, almost 130 pounds, with a height of less than 5 feet, and it has been one of my struggle these past few years, and my health has been at risk I know, with high blood pressure. For this spring and summer, I want to be back in shape, give it a go on physical activities such as biking and walking frequently no matter what.

Invest and Save.

Geez, do I need to elaborate more. Who doesn't want financial freedom. I wanted to be wiser financially, what I mean is I have to take control on money instead of it taking control of me. No more unnecessary expenditures for me this time. I will be back to work soon, well hoping to be a productive season at work. It is hustle time, hustle bustle and hustle harder.

Detoxify Relationship.

As much as possible, I will surround myself with people that allow me to think positively, and and cut ties with toxic acquaintances. Let's just say goodbye fake friends and limit connections on social media platforms that can only contribute to an unhealthy mind state. It's okay to have limited networks, at least you know they are really true and can accept you of who you are and not what you can have or what state of society you are.

Spiritual Renewal.

Life is full of uncertainties so why not take it easy. Life too short, so why make a rush. From now on I don’t want to stress myself on the things that I can not change. But instead I will be focus on what’s the purpose of God in my life. Read His Words, Believe His Word and Live His Words. Pray harder, pray more and never stop praying. Know Him more in fellowship whom I know will bring me closer to Him, will serve Him more and be of service to other people too.


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