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Coffee and Friendship Blends

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Canadians are most probably one of the top consumers of coffee. Having a sip of hot coffee in this coldest part of the world will definitely booze the warmth somehow. They could probably cant last their day buying a cup in their favorite shop like Starbucks or Tim Horton's. Coffee shops now a days offer a wide variety of flavors, either hot or cold, for people to enjoy it more. I may not be a coffee lover, and I am more on the instant one, pour a hot water, mix with sugar and cream and viola, a good blend that will definitely start my day.

"Coffee and a friend makes a perfect blend, and a cup shared with a friend is a happiness tasted and time well spent

In life, we are also searching for that perfect blend, with regards to friendship. Living here in Canada, connecting or making friends with other people had been a struggle for me. It's not that I am choosy or not too friendly, but because I opted to limit my social interactions. I could have more but I rather have few but these few were definitely true. And just like my coffee, we had our perfect blend. Few friends that I know were here for me even we are far from each other; few friends that I know I can definitely count on them, got my back even in good times or in bad times. What a better way to reconnect to a new year , since I don't see them a lot, especially now, is to have coffee time with them. And today was a perfect one. And what makes it more perfect is when you got to spend a perfect day, a good weather, a good food, a good timing and a good music with a good buddy.


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