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Footprints in the Snow

I saw my footprints not in the sand but in the snow

And ask myself what impression will it show

Or maybe it will just be my mark on the surface, no body will even know

Too busy, to worried, too tired

That's make us ignore and care less

For life's little wonderous things

Too busy, that a day is not enough no more

Too worried, thinking if tomorrow is still enough

Too tired, for today was just enough

Our footprints, our life's footsteps

They are our traces for every journey we make

In our world , they are just a track, making us wonder if we make an impact?

Today I saw my footprints, not in the sand but in the snow

It made me happy, it made me glad

Umm, I don't know but some how it made me sad

My footprints, oh my footprints in the snow

Wondering after this, where will you go

Or maybe later somebody will get you plow

Oh footprints, my footprints in the snow

Just wondering will someone will know

That today I made a footprints in the snow


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