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Just one Sun Ray

This day, the 8th of January, I decided to pick up Meg by walking to their school. It is my first time to actually do this since when I picked her up in school, I always drive my car. The fact that I also don't enjoy walking or any kind of exercising. But today I gave it a try. One thing I admired most with this community where we are now is its playground and park. There where a few times during summer that I brought Meg to play in there, and that was been a long time ago. And in winter, I don't think going in a park is a good idea either. As I have written in my previous post, today is the start of my life resetting, loosening up maybe even for a little while. During summer, its expected that people are enjoying warm weather in these amenities. But today, I got a chance to see people walking there too. Yes others are also parents picking up their children and some are walking their pet dogs, or their usual physical daily activities.

And while walking, I was amazed by the beauty of the surroundings so I took pictures, and one of this was the sun ray, and I got to make this poem out it....

Lately I'm feeling low, I am feeling sad

I really don't know how to make my heart be glad

This day my feet led me , and walk by the park

I just continue into this path, since it's not yet dark

It was a fine day, but the sun is not that bright

And since its winter, everywhere you see is but white

I know the sun still there, but its shine is not enough

But it took me one moment for me to realize today

That although how gloomy is my day

The sun is till giving me its ray

It's like telling me hey it's okay,

Just get up and just look straight up

For like me, I don't need too much light

Maybe a single ray is just enough

To give me the hope, for me not give up on life


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