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Life is but a journey

Life is a journey. How we travel is really up to us.

Life is a journey, and in every journey of life, there could be challenges, hardships, struggles and sometimes lost. But every journey is not always a straight path and every path is different. And a single step will always be the start of every journey. Sometimes in life, we are afraid to take that initial step, but if we don't take that step how can we do our journey, how can we move forward, how can we face the reality of life. And just like in real life, we make choices and these choices are the decisions we make, the realities we have to face, and the path we have to take. Life is but a journey, a journey that is full of chances, full of choices and of different path. It's up to us how we react to what we face and determine the outcome of our journey. But when things might not go along our way, or didn't work out how we had hoped they would, we could just let go or maybe make the best out of the situation by knowing that these are only temporary setbacks and we can find lessons to be learned. Our journey might be full of challenges and obstacles that might test our strengths, courage and even our weaknesses, but what matters most is our final destination because that is our ultimate purpose why we had our journey on the first place.


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