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Love Is In The Air With These Three Valentine’s Gift Ideas

For a mom like me who had been married for more than 2 decades, I don’t know if Valentines day is still essential. Well of course I am just speaking for myself. I think I married the most (un) romantic guy, lol😍. I mean since the day that we have dated and got married and until this date, did I ever received any flowers from him? Oops I almost forgot, yes, I got a dozen during our first-year anniversary as sweethearts back in college, we passed by a flower vendor and I just asked him to buy me one and so he did. That was the first and last, I think?

But anyways, it is not all about me and I admit I am already used to it. And speaking of cards. Yeah, I don’t know if couples still do, but isn’t it that more romantic if every word is expressed and written in a personal card. Blame it to technology of emails and social media. Now everything is express through these platforms. Maybe a few still receive love letters by mail who knows right.

It’s Valentines, a day of love. Spread love not the virus hehehe. This is a good chance for you to show or express how much you appreciate your someone important to your life. You don’t have to buy expensive gifts or if probably you can afford to buy why not. Or maybe you are someone that is a romantic wannabe, or looking to show your partner how much you love them, or show a little gratitude to your parent, and since it’s Valentines, so I thought of searching a few V days gift ideas that may not be too expensive yet can be so thoughtful as they can be.

Couple's Shirt learn more

It’s Valentines, and so you just wanted to express how deeply you are in love and wanted to show to the whole wide universe how perfect you are as a couple, you are together and be forever as you go on a romantic V day date while wearing a couple’s shirt.

Tea or Coffee Mug learn more

Your coffee time will be as perfect as you sip that favorite coffee of yours into this uniquely design mugs.

Cellphone Soft and Snap Case and Coverlearn more

Not only it comes on handy and on the go, just like the love that is over pouring as you express this by text or call thru your cellphone covered with this beautifully designed cellphone case, takes you to the time that you have won each others heart.


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