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Meet Pinkie Bear

She’s Meggie’s bestie.

Until now I am wondering where did she came from?

But as for her she got this bear from the hospital when we took her when she had an accident, hit her forehead and got stitched that’s why she had a scar on the right side.

She was just a over 2 years old then, so how can she remember?

Anyways, that's not matter anymore.

For I know she had became Meggie’s comfort.

There was an instance that she forgot and almost left her in a hotel that we had stayed.

She cried to bits and she wont calm.

It was good that the receptionist called and they had found her in our room, so we got her back.

She is with her everywhere she goes, from our camping to some out of town trips.

She even travelled with us in the Philippines.

This doll may be as dirty and ugly it may look , and I already stitched her many times.

But you bet Meggie wont exchange her for anything else.

We did actually tried buying her other stuffies.

From Barbie to Life Doll,

And all those famous brands that a girl her age would ask for.

She played with them once in a while.

But this stuff bear will always be better among the rest.

And at the end of the day, Pinkie Bear will always be her sleeping buddy.

I guess it doesn't matter how pricey or beautiful toys or gifts are

For Meggie it is the bond that was developed overtime with her bestfriend and only her heart and innocent mind knows why?



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