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Tooth Fairy Who?

While making our bed this morning, I found a Ziploc bag under a pillow, it is Meg’s tooth which she broke on Sunday morning when she woke up. It has been there I believe since she’s asking me the other day if I found a money under the pillow. But I thought she was really looking for a money that she had lost somewhere, but now I realized she was actually talking about a treasure that a tooth fairy had put under her pillow in exchange for her tooth.

Among my kids, Andrei my eldest had the healthiest teeth, no tartar and cavity at all as he was growing up. I do not know if it did really help, but when he just started growing his teeth, I gave him a poly fluoride vitamin. But Arvinn and Meg were different, both of them have a "sweet tooth". For Arvinn, all his baby teeth were extracted when he was four. Our dentist had advice us to do the same with Meg, but I decline. Arvinn’s need braces in the future because his teeth grew not evenly spaced. I don’t really know why since I am not an expert with regards to dental matters. I just don’t want Meg to experience the same but I am not giving the impression that you should not follow your dentist advice, it’s all up to you as a parent since you know what’s best for you children. Most probably all I could say is don’t give your child too many sweets like candy and chocolates, teach them the importance of brushing teeth correctly and most of all to visit your family dentist regularly and have a good dental insurance coverage.

Back in my old days, when my tooth become to loosen up, my lola (granny) will pull it out using a thread, it’s a free tooth extraction lol. Too bad nobody told me about tooth fairy I should have kept them under my pillow too. And going back to the tooth fairy story. Actually, this is not the first time she had lost her teeth, since at her age, 6 years old, her milk or baby teeth are starting to fall out. She had a tooth fall out one time in her school and excitedly showed it to me when she got home. The next morning, I saw it also under her pillow.

Oh dear, loosing her first tooth could have been traumatic for her but still she made it as exciting experience by the thought of tooth fairy. And tooth fairy who? It is an iconic symbol of childhood, that when kids lose one baby tooth, they place it underneath a pillow, and when the tooth fairy will visit while they are asleep, she will replace it with a treasure.


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