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What's on your Bucket?

It is the 9th day of 2021. Whew how time really flies, it seems like yesterday, when everybody is all anxious if when will 2020 come to end, a tough year for all of us, indeed. Come to think of it, if that was the last year of your life, have you been ready? Of course, nobody would say yes, I was ready. But now everyone seems to be running out of time, have you realized how would you spent your last day in this world if ever, a hypothetical question it may seem.

Over the years I become so much conscious with my time, that everything is on a timetable, from upon waking up until my time to bed, that all my day activities should be on schedule. But at the end of the day, time had just passed and flew so quick. So, even though I had managed my time based on schedule, but why does it seems that the day that had passed was never enough to do the things I planned to do on this day?

I went back in the Philippines in March 2020, after 11 years. But geez, it was a bad timing since there was a pandemic so we were lockdown. I felt too bad for myself, on why did it take me that long to go back home. And what if that would be the last chance that I could have seen my family, it will surely be a big regret on my part.

And what had that experience taught me, to make a bucket list of the things I wanted to do in my remaining days in this world. These lists, may it be resolutions or goals in life, whether or not I could fulfill them for this year or the coming years, they will be my aspirations to look brightly for tomorrow. Because in this time when everything is not certain, or we really do not know what tomorrow will bring or there would be no tomorrow, only God knows, so better yet enjoy the life and we only live once!!!!

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