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When God Gave Me You

I found this article which I wrote in 2017 from an old file, so I thought I could post so as for me to share the happiness and inspiration we have experienced since we had her, and the continued joy that had brought our family until now that she's almost 7 comes July this year.

When I thought,
Life is unfair,
Life is unjust,
Life is miserable,
Life is all but hopeless!

But when God gave me You.
And that's all that matters for me to see.
Life as reasonable as I know it to be.
As fair and unbiased as I learn it be.
As how glorious surely it would be.
And how full of hope tomorrow will it be!

Meet Ameera Meg, our youngest and only daughter. She was born here in Canada in July 25, 2014. I was already 39 when I gave birth to her and she came perfectly in our family. This was the time when I thought I almost gave up to our marriage because of a trial that almost crushed our family. But truly God's mercy works in His most mysterious ways.

A little trivia about her name: Ameera is a Muslim baby name for princess and rich or leader. My husband gave the name since he became fascinated with Bollywood movies and he combined the name of two actresses who played in a movie that he watched, Akira and Mira(sorry forgot the title). I should name her after my mother and mother in law whose both name is Perlita, but unknowingly, Meg is a Greek name for Pearl, so isn't that wonderful, since she was really our princess and precious gem in one, our Ameera Meg.

Take a look at her first captured moments...welcoming her in this world!

Oh that first glance of you melts Mom-see's heart!
After all that indescribable pains, here you are my sweet lil
Meet our new bundle of joy, Ameera Meg

Hey Lil sissy, say hi to your brothers! Look at that smile in kuya Arvinn's face, Isn't he excited for finally he will have a playmate
Look how Popsee so excited to get selfie with Meggie

Here you come, open your mouth wide, let momma's milk nourish you my child
She looks weary, oh nope probably being comfy Oh never mine, she is going home finally!

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